Milk and peanut allergy patch – potential cure?

Could there be a cure for peanut and dairy allergy? Those of us with one or multiple allergies often dream of a world where our allergies could be cured forever but it’s a long way off. We all know that there are a myriad of tiny things that can help stabilise and improve life for […]

8 of the strangest allergy cures from around the world

Just a little light relief for you today, with some allergy cures. I know, I know, we all get fed up with all the people we meet who have such great advice for us that will surely cure us for good. You know the types; try this reiki treatment, drink this aloe juice, take homeopathy […]

Can Derren Brown cure allergies?

If I told you there was a drug that could cure you of your allergies, asthma or skin problems, would you be interested? Would you jump at the chance to take part in an experiment, live on TV to find out if this new drug works? Derren Brown has apparently cured people of allergies using a placebo drug. Is this clever or potentially damaging to allergy awareness?