Why a2 milk gives me nightmares

Ever heard of A2 milk? Those of you in the allergy and dairy intolerant community may well have come across it. It is a new type of milk created in New Zealand where the A1 milk protein has been bred out of the milk to make it safer for some people to drink and easier […]

Why my allergies make me a super being

One day you’ll look back and wish you’d had allergies like me because my immune system makes me super human. They give me the power to eradicate the common cold within hours and I never get ill (oh the irony… I will now won’t I?). My immune system is on fire – it is churning […]

Is raw milk better for allergies?

The raw milk debate is raging on as we speak and was even featured on Radio 4 only last week but what exactly is raw milk? Is it good or bad to drink? And could pasteurised milk be to blame for dairy intolerance and milk allergies? Read on to find out more…