Why a2 milk gives me nightmares

Ever heard of A2 milk? Those of you in the allergy and dairy intolerant community may well have come across it. It is a new type of milk created in New Zealand where the A1 milk protein has been bred out of the milk to make it safer for some people to drink and easier […]

Milk in cooked chicken? Dairy allergy alert

This is really a little mini rant for my Mum who recently braved the ‘catering for the allergic girl’ challenge. She’s pretty good at it now but almost fell foul to hidden dairy in cooked chicken. What is it even in there for? Why is there milk in cooked chicken? If you have a dairy […]

Will Brett be cured of his milk allergy?

Do you have a dairy allergy? Have you ever had anaphylaxis after eating or drinking dairy? Ever had to use your EpiPen and be rushed into A&E? If you have then you just have to watch this short video of Brett, a young boy from Boston in the US. Will he be cured after a long six months of desensitisation treatment? Click here to find out…