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Antihistamines contain lactose

I recently discovered through my dietician that antihistamines contain lactose, which with a dairy allergy I should obviously avoid. The syrup’s do seem to be lactose free. Seems a bit crazy for a drug that should help counter allergy effects to contain a known allergen.

Patch test dummy!

Patch tests are a way of exploring and pin pointing atopic allergens that could be affecting your skin in every day life e.g. perfumes, washing powders, preservatives and cosmetics to name just a few.

Skin prick tests – what are they all about?

After my recent experience having skin prick tests for various suspected allergens I would advise anyone who is struggling to identify what they are allergic to to give it a go. Speak to your doctor and request a refferal to your local allergy clinic.

Check your tea – May contain nuts

Some Whittard tea contains undeclared nuts in the ingredients. The tea concerned is Rooibos Cream Caramel, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Spice Chai Green Tea. I always thought herbal teas were safe so I decided to find out more…

Dairy free Cake-in-a-mug in just three minutes!

Dairy free chocolate cake, in a mug, in just 3 minutes? Could it be possible I hear you ask? Dairy free cake, made in a mug? Yes you read that correctly, and the best bit of all is that it only takes three minutes to cook in the microwave.