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Arsenic in rice milk!

What? I hear you cry. Arsenic in rice milk? Surely not… I saw a poster at my local allergy clinic last week which screamed out at me. If you drink rice milk regularly should you be worried?

My favourite allergy blogs

There are loads of fantastic allergy blogs out there. I get some great comments on mine, which mean a lot by the way so please do keep the comments coming. Read on to find out my favourite allergy blogs…

National Indoor Allergy Week – what will you do?

This week is National Indoor Allergy Week (25th – 29th October 2010), run by Allergy UK and sponsored by Dettol it focuses on the difficulties of living with allergies, highlighting the needs of allergy sufferers. What can you do to make your home more allergen free?

Our herbs need YOU!

If you take herbs and supplements for your health you should read this article. Please ACT NOW to save them. Insane government legislation threatens the life of this vital industry…