The scores are on the doors – freefrom food awards shortlist announced!

It’s the 21st February and it’s a special day. Yes it’s Pancake Day so whip out those pinnys and get flipping. Something else very important also happened today – waiting with baited breath the allergy community has been on tenter hooks for the Freefrom Food Awards 2012 shortlisted foods to be announced.

So while you mix up your batter tonight, here is some food for thought, a few of the favourites that I discovered during the tasting sessions and that I am delighted to say have made it to the shortlist. Well done to everyone who entered.

Coconut milk yoghurt from Coyo was really tasty and creamy. A big hit with us all and comes in a mixed berry flavour too. You could use this in baking or just a pudding. I’ll be looking out for this in the shops so please start stocking it!

Higher Nature Coconut butter – If you can’t eat dairy and butter then you’re stuck with the choice of either avoiding butter and spreads altogether, or using a processed dairy free alternative, which are actually very good and taste very nice – though they’ll never beat the real salty taste of butter. This product is far more natural and great for cooking and baking.

I also loved Acini di Pepe/Pasta Grains which were like giant cous cous, balls of pasta, that would be great in salads, lunch boxes and with fish, chicken etc. Really versatile and make a nice change from normal pasta.

The Mesquite Company pur Mesquite flour is one of my big favourites. I use it on my porridge, in baking, cookies, cakes and even in chillis for a bit added zing. At the freefrom food awards judging I discovered that eating this flour just pure from your finger tip or from a teaspoon is also divine. Probably not such a good idea that I discovered this!

I’m delighted to see Fria on the shortlist. I love their Kladdaka chocolate brownie cake and wish it was available in more shops. You can currently only get at a few places in London or online from GlutenfreeDirect.

Also The Cake Crusader with carrot cake and fruit cake. I haven’t tried these yet but am a big fan of The Cake Crusader’s chocolate brownie and lemon drizzle cake so I’ll be ordering some – sounds like they went down a treat with the judges.

For a full list of shortlisted companies, and great place to check before shopping for freefrom stuff, read The Freefrom Food Awards Shortlist 2012.

Back to the pancakes

And for those who have not yet dug out a freefrom recipe for pancakes, here’s one from Tanya Wright, fellow freefrom Food Awards judge, and the creator and author of a beautiful and very handy freefrom cook book, “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright.

Tanya’s freefrom gluten, wheat, dairy and egg pancakes

75g/3oz gluten free & wheat free plain flour
1 Tbsp caster sugar
1 large ripe banana mashed
100mls dairy and soya free milk

One good non-stick pan and a whisk for mixing
Oil for frying

• Mix all ingredients to a batter
• Brush the non stick pan with the oil and when the oil is very hot make the pancakes
• Serve immediately or heat up later in the microwave for 10 seconds

Can be stacked ontop of each other (if they don’t get eaten straight away!)– they don’t stick together.

There are so many lovely new foods in the shortlist so do go and have a look. There are links to each company so you can check out their website and buy and try stuff. I wonder who’s going to win?

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