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How do you explain allergies to your small child?

Every child, mother and family is different and there are so many different ways to approach this but how do you teach your small child about their allergy, or yours if you have life threatening allergy yourself, in a helpful and positive way? Read on for some tips and details of a local support group about this very subject…

Gluten, dairy, soya and egg free pancakes

Ever tried to make gluten, dairy, soya and egg free pancakes and thrown the offending gloop into the bin in disgust? If you fancy pancakes today but don’t fancy the hassle of failing to make something edible, this recipe is for you. If I can make them, anyone can!

Soya allergy – a complex issue…

Soya is one of the top 13 allergens that have to labelled in the UK and until just this year it wasn’t one I was particularly worried about. How do you know you have an allergy to soya? This is how I discovered that I’m still on the allergic march and have picked up another one… soya allergy – welcome to my world!

Late onset allergies, dermatitis and asthma in the elderly

Many a time I have heard the phrase, “They didn’t have allergies in my day!” Maybe they were not so common but they were about; Imagine having to revise your thinking drastically when you’re set in your ways. Why are older adults suddenly getting allergies? Has it happened to you?

Medical bracelet or allergy tattoo?

Do you wear a medical tag or bracelet that explains what you’re allergic to? Ever forget to wear it or lose them? You could consider a medical tattoo, a bit drastic for most but it would always be there. What do you do to alert paramedics of your allergies?