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Gluten, dairy, soya, corn and egg free pizza bases

If you have a dairy, wheat or tomato allergy or avoid gluten and corn check out Venice Bakery’s gluten, dairy, soya, egg, corn and wheat free pizza bases. Really easy to cook and they taste great. Have you tried them yet?

Stoke Park restaurant – 9.5/10 for allergy service

If you want to enjoy a really outstanding meal out but have life threatening allergies, Stoke Park restaurant in Stoke Poges really goes the extra mile, they understand allergies and you will have a truly amazing meal. Read on to find out how I got on…

FreeFrom ready meals – a quick run down…

When you’re just too tired to cook and bored of your own recipes, ilumi has brought out a range of freefrom ready meals that are 100% natural and taste great…

The Three Oaks – 8/10 for Allergy Awareness

DVGBP3S2UUN7 A particularly successful meal out, after a very long time of hardly daring to prompted me to share my advice on eating out safely, what I did and how the meal went – very well thank you!

Dandelion tea for allergies, eczema and asthma

Another weed that you might find both tasty and good for your health and when you look at them closer they are actually quite beautiful, they are just a bit of a bully in the garden and very hard to control and get rid of. Before you yank your dandelions out eat them first!

Fresh nettle tea – for eczema and allergies

Whether nettle tea as a natural remedy for allergies works or not, who cares! Nettles grow everywhere, in glorious abundance and when made into a tea it tastes so amazing I’m going to have a special part of my garden, just for nettles (oh yeah, that would be just like normal then)

Food allergies and intolerances – find out more at Wendover library, 13th June 2013

An opportunity to find out about food allergies and intolerances from someone who has been there and knows how hard it can be to get support. Ask questions, find out useful tips and chat to people who understand. Everyone welcome. Free from refreshments will be available.

The buteyko breathing technique for asthma

Are you a mouth breather? Do you have asthma? Well this technique could really help by teaching you how to breath through your nose more and so help to control asthma, allergies and many other conditions…

Cold sore diary – life span of a cold sore

So how quickly can you get rid of a cold sore? What is the normal life span of one and how should you treat it to aid healing. Here are some pictures of my latest cold sore as it grew and then healed and some wacky treatments I tried. Pass the tea tree oil someone…