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When pubs panic about catering for allergies – Allergy diet cards

Eating out with an allergy or coeliac disease is a challenge. If you have multiple allergies it becomes even trickier. Not only do you need to communicate the severity of your allergy, you also need to discover what risks might be lurking in the kitchen. Do they understand cross contamination and the simple steps they […]

Please vote for What Allergy? Healthline’s best health blog

Healthline’s “Best Health Blog of 2013” contest just kicked off, and they’re looking for the best fitness, health, weight loss, mental health and lifestyle blogs on the Web. Healthline You would be doing me a huge favour if you could click on the rosette to vote for What Allergy? in this health blog competition. Already […]

Cutting out processed foods – Week 2 update

All is going well on the NO processed foods experiment. We are both eating more healthily as a result and planning a week’s meals in advance helps, being organised and sticking to it. What could possibly go wrong? I have been making my own humous which is very delicious. This morning’s batch is quite limey […]

A funny story about having allergies – beware of the teaspoons…

This is a true story which had me rolling on the floor laughing. One of my clients is based in Hemel and I love going into the office. They are really good at understanding that I have allergies and there is always lots of herbal tea available for me. They always take care when making […]

Cutting out processed food to help eczema, Day 4

Just a quick blog post today to say, it’s getting better. It’s slowly getting easier. Today I have had stewed apples with some porridge, chia seeds and pumpkin and sunflower seeds added, made with oat milk. No picture of this because I can never seem to take a photo of porridge that doesn’t look like […]

Twenty tips for cutting out processed food

Cutting out processed food is no easy feat. I know, I’ve tried it. So here, to set down some ground rules and get you started and explain how to go about cutting out the wrong things and eating the right things are my twenty tips for successfully cutting out processed food.Just google ‘cutting out processed […]

Cutting out processed foods to help eczema – day 3

Not much to report today. Day 2 was a bit of a disaster – the aftermath of drinking red wine the evening before has taken its toll. Well it was his birthday and we did have a lovely evening, but things are itchy today as a result. Yesterday was worse. A handover and headache – […]

Cutting out processed foods to help eczema – Day 1

I wanted to do a series of video blogs about this but my iphone has decided I shouldn’t be videoing myself. I have managed to go pretty much ‘processed food free’ now for months but I keep slipping up. I get it right for days at a time and then temptation falls in my path […]

Merino wool – doesn’t itch eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin

Wool next your skin? You’re probably thinking I’m crazy but this was something of a revelation for me too. I discovered merino wool in the Lake District a few years ago when I had a pair of thin walking trousers and was finding I couldn’t keep my legs warm. Rather than invest in another pair […]