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Death by adrenaline auto-injector – are they safe?

People often ask me, are adrenaline injectors dangerous? “If I use one on my child and they weren’t having a servere reaction, could it cause them any harm?” Is it safe to use an expired EpiPen, Jext of Emerade adrenaline injector? Could using two auto-injectors ever cause an overdose of adrenaline? These are all common […]

First time your allergic teenager eats out without you – letting go, slowly

This is Alison’s story, a mother to three children, the oldest of whom is 13 and a half, and is anaphylactically allergic to tree nuts, ground nuts, sesame and lupin. My eldest son was diagnosed when he was 36 months after a lot of reactions and finally quite a major one. When he was 4 […]

Fear of using your adrenalin injector – don’t be scared!

In my recent Ruth’s Allergy Diary slot I wrote about conquering the fear of injecting yourself or someone else with an adrenalin auto-injector. Have you been there? Or have you just not used yours because you were too terrified, despite having an anaphylactic reaction? If you too have ever felt completely overwhelmed and totally unprepared […]

ilumi meals – ask your local pub to buy some

This week I was lucky enough to get invited to an ilumi taste-off session at Vozars gluten free cafe in Brixton. There were a bunch of bloggers from gluten free and allergy to health and lifestyle as well as ilumi, Celia Lager and Peter Lehman Wines who provided an interesting tasting session matched to the […]

Another year of freefrom food awards judging

You may be thinking that it’s the life of riley, swanning up to Foods Matters head quarters and tasting a bit of this and bit of that. Well you’d partly be right, it is one of the high lights of my allergy calendar, but not because it’s easy. We arrive early and get started straight […]

Newburn Bakehouse Sandwich Thins – just like real bread!

Just a quick blog to share one of my latest eureka finds from the freefrom shelves. This is one for all you coeliacs, wheat allergic, wheat intolerant people out there and they are also dairy and soya free. I don’t know if Warburtons are stalking me but they sent me a free sample of their […]