Pimping my rooibosh tea with KromLand Farm herbal teas

Redbush tea or rooibosh tea is my favourite. It is naturally caffeine free and perfect with or without milk. I’ve been drinking it for years. Love the stuff. And my tea of choice would be either Vanilla Redbush or just plain old Redbush tea. I probably have at least 2-3 mugs of it a day. Redbush tea is supposed to be really good for people with eczema and allergies though I’m not sure of the science behind this. You can also cook with it… brew some, let it go cold and use in sauces and stocks. Mmmmmmmm.

Delicious, delicate KromLand Rooibosh and Honeybush #herbaltea

Delicious, delicate KromLand Rooibosh and Honeybush #herbaltea

Last year I tried out Kromland herbal teas. They sent me a very generous three boxes to test and I started on the Honeybush and Rooibosh. I wasn’t disappointed. It had such a lovely delicate flavour that the box did not last long.

Now the reason I’m only blogging about this now is not just because they emailed to chase… and I’ve only done a half hearted blog about drinking KromLand tea with Ombar chocolate, so that doesn’t really count as a proper blog does it? Although it does go very well with chocolate and cake and Nairns oatcake biscuits… The other reason is that I have only just got around to trying out the other two. I know, terrible blogger.

If you’ve seen my herbal tea stash you’ll understand why.

I have to be strict with myself and finish some off before opening a new box or buying more. I do have a bit of a fetish for buying herbal teas and especially an unusual teas I discover.

Lots of herbal tea... now which shall I drink today?

Lots of herbal tea… now which shall I drink today?

Can you see the lovely pink box with a walking tea mug and heart? That’s the KromLand Farm Raspberry and Rooibosh tea 🙂

There is peppermint tea, chamomile tea, redbush tea, green tea, chai tea, earl grey tea, valerian tea, lemon and ginger, dandelion tea, nettle tea, spiced apple tea and Oolong tea to name just a few. There are some very scary teas for digestive problems and Laxitea – not for the faint hearted and to be drunk with caution but works wonders when I get really constipated after a serious wheating!

If When you visit you can have just normal old builders tea if you wish and we do have cow’s milk in the fridge for the one who can eat and drink anything (apart from snails – but who’s gonna miss those? not a hardship really).

There is also always fresh ground coffee AND some dairy free milk or oat cream… actually I’ve never tried that in coffee. Could be worth an experiment tomorrow morning.

So rest assured. You can have whatever you want!

Now this week the green tea AND a box of normal redbush tea both ran out so that made space for more tea right? I don’t like to have no green tea so this matter has been rectified today. Phew!

So what to drink next? I put herbal tea back on the shopping list but then I spied the beautifully colourful boxes of KromLand herbal teas just screaming out to be tried.

Rooibosh and earl grey and Rooibosh and raspberry tea. Ewww… I don’t really like fruit teas and I don’t really like earl grey. We have the early grey for visitors and also for medicinal purposes – hold a dry earl grey tea bag on a cold sore and it will dry up and die off much faster. Don’t ask me why… This is probably why they’re still in the cupboard – I was scared I might not like rooibosh tea with early grey and raspberry in it…

But I thought, hey what have I got to lose? Let’s try them.
Well… I was surprised. My taste buds were seduced. I can’t get enough of the Rooibosh and Early Grey KromLand tea and I am loving the Rooibosh and Raspberry, which has a very delicate fruity flavour.

As I write this I am enjoying large mug of KromLand Farm Rooibosh and Raspberry 🙂

KromLand Farm Rooibosh Tea

Just some of the herbals teas on offer from KromLand Farm

And you know what one of the best things about this tea is? The boxes! Not only are they colourful and vibrant and look attractive in the cupboard, they are also very sturdy, open without tearing or ripping, stack nicely, open easily and last the whole life of the teabags… which admittedly won’t be that long with these little teabags.

If you love herbal tea you’ll love KromLand Farm herbal teas.

They also do caramel and cinnamon and orange tea varieties in boxes of 40 teabags or teapees…

My mug is empty and this blog is finished. Put the kettle on would you please?

Which is your favourite herbal tea?

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  1. Rooibos has been a staple for me for years! love it with a little honey
    Thanks for the article!

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