Win a Tangle Teezer – great for sensitive skin and eczema scalps

I recently bought one of these simple and funky little brushes on the advice of my hair dresser. My scalp was a mess with eczema and she was combing out bits of dry skin. A good look I think… crusts of skin half way down a hair shaft – NOT! She went to get a […]

Win a Nairns oakcake tin AND some oatcakes!

Allergy Awareness Week just keeps on getting better and better. Today you have the chance to win yourself one of the new Nairns oakcake tins so you’ll never find a dead one crumbled in the bottom of your bag ever again. Always a sad way for a humble oat cake to go; ignored, lost and […]

What’s coming up for allergy awareness week?

This year Allergy Awareness Week runs from 20th to 26th April and there are loads of ways to get involved. I have been neglecting my blog these past few months (sorry!) but I’m easing myself back in. Circumstances outside my control left me with very few blogging brain cells left and not much time to […]