5 Common Adult Skincare Issues & How to Treat Them

What are the five most common skin conditions in adults? Not surprisingly they include eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea or melasma. If you have any of these conditions this blog post is for you. Melasma? I hear you cry. I know. I learnt something new from this infographic so I thought I’d share it. I have […]

What is nodular prurigo?

What on earth is nodular prurigo, why does it happen and how do you get rid of it? It’s unsightly, itchy and can seem to never get better but it is possible to heal it, with perserverance and lots of moisturiser…

Late onset allergies, dermatitis and asthma in the elderly

Many a time I have heard the phrase, “They didn’t have allergies in my day!” Maybe they were not so common but they were about; Imagine having to revise your thinking drastically when you’re set in your ways. Why are older adults suddenly getting allergies? Has it happened to you?

Free Purepotions skin salvation products for National Eczema Week

Hey there has never been a better time to have eczema. I’ve got yet another free product offer, this time from Purepotions, who make delicious and luxurious skin salvation salve for your skin and a bath oil. Treat your skin and enter this competition. First come, first served so be quick. Only one winner!

Ecover Zero – washing up with no gloves

Ecover Zero challenged me to take the test to see if I could use their new fragrance free range without wearing washing-up gloves. My skin is very sensitive so this was the ultimate test. You could also win a year’s supply, especially for National Eczema Week

FREE Barefoot SOS rescue cream up for grabs

Because it’s National Eczema Week and I love the Barefoot SOS skincare range, I’ve got a special treat for you. What allergy readers can enter a competition to win a free sample of Barefoot SOS face and body rescue cream. You’d better be quick though, only ten samples available…

New 5p and 10p coins raise Nickel allergy concerns

The Royal Mint has already begun production of new 5p and 10p coins which some experts believe could be highly allergenic for those with nickel allergy. So what’s different with these new coins and why are they potentially more allergenic?