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Anyone stirring anything tasty up this Sunday?

This weekend I will be mostly trying to make Dan Lepard’s gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, soya & nut free mince pies. If you fancy having a go, the recipe is here and Dan and Sainsbury’s have also provided a very helpful video showing exactly how to make them…

Nominate What Allergy for the WEGO Health Activist blogger award

A chance to say a big THANK YOU to what allergy for all the articles, ideas, poems, hints and tips. Please, please, please nominate my blog for the WEGO Health Activists blogger award. It only takes a minute!

Avoiding coriander at Christmas

Do you have a coriander allergy? Do you despair of finding coriander used as an ingredient in everything? Christmas especially seems to be mean that all food MUST contain coriander! Why? Just a little rant. I’ll get over it. Oh and I wrote a very silly poem about KoreanDuh!

Happy Christmas – What allergy needs you!

What do you buy for Christmas for the person who has allergies? Skin care and cosmetics might irritate their skin, jewellery might contain nickel, chocolate might not be the right stuff and may contain nuts, dairy or soya… it’s easy to get the wrong thing. Read on for Christmas present ideas and how you could give whatallergy a little present too!

Does make-up make your eyes water?

Do you wish you could wear eye make-up but avoid it because you have sensitive skin and eczema around your eyes? Check out the FreeFrom Skincare awards and NATorigin mascara

Watch out for nutmeg in mulled wine

Do you have a nut allergy? Do you avoid nutmeg? If you have a nutmeg allergy or are wary of eating nutmeg you should check the ingredients on mulled wine as it contain this spice. It’s worth noting though that nutmeg is not actually a nut so you might be quite OK to eat it but some people are allergic to nutmeg so beware!

Can you be allergic to cucumber?

Have you ever wondered whether you have a cucumber allergy? Do they make your lips tingle and give you a nasty wheezy feeling in your throat? Is this a true allergy and how common is cucumber allergy? Read on to find out more…

Why are Nak’d bars called naked bars Mummy?

Nak’d bars are a rich source of protein and are also dairy, egg and gluten free. They contain only natural ingredients and flavourings. Read on for a review of Nak’d bars…(not suitable for people with a nut allergy)

Sit still and stay calm! How important is this when having an allergic reaction?

What do you do when you realise you’ve eaten or drunk food you’re allergic to? Do you panic? Does your brain start to overheat, does fear begin to grip you as the swelling and tingling begins to spread? Or do you calmly take an antihistamine and sit still, just to see if it will recede or escalate?