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Allergy UK Indoor Allergy Week – 20th -26th October 2014

The onset of the colder weather and the wilting of the flowers will come as a relief for the millions of Brits who have spent the summer battling with hayfever symptoms. But for so many more, the allergy battle is just getting started with approximately 20% of the population* who are allergic to their own homes, schools or places of work.

Everyday household items such as air fresheners, household detergents, mattresses, rugs, the cat/dog and even your favourite armchair all contribute to releasing allergens into the air, causing many people across the UK to suffer from allergic reactions very similar to hayfever. Symptoms include itchy eyes and throat, sneezing and a blocked or runny nose. Many people may even mistake these symptoms for the common cold. If ignored, these indoor allergens can exacerbate respiratory problems so should not be taken lightly.

Dr Sarah Brewer, GP, Registered Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist explains: “As these allergies can occur all year round, many people may be worried about the effects of the ongoing use of medications and antihistamines to relieve their symptoms. The good news is there are many natural and effective steps you can take to help protect yourself and relieve the symptoms associated with these allergies. The nose, for example, is the first line of defence against airborne allergens. By ensuring that this vital organ is clean and clear from allergens you are not only working on the root cause of the problem but you can also ensure it is in top working condition to help reduce on-going symptoms, along with your allergen avoidance routine.”

Natural protection and solution

Sterimar Nasal Spray
Stérimar Nasal Hygiene, the UK’s leading sea water formula nasal spray not only washes away the allergens from the nose, to effectively relieve symptoms, but also helps to restore the nose’s natural functions. This ensures your first line of defence is in top working condition to filter and trap allergens effectively, and reduce the risk of allergic reactions and chronic conditions developing.

Containing natural minerals and trace elements from sea water, Stérimar Nasal Hygiene has the same salt content as the cells in the human body making it extremely gentle and suitable for use as often as needed without side effects.

100% natural, drug, steroid and preservative free, Stérimar is safe to be used on children 3 months plus, during pregnancy or where the choice of medication may be restricted. Without any side effects or drug interaction, it can be used in conjunction with any medication if required.

Stérimar Nasal Hygiene, has been awarded the Allergy UK Allergy Friendly Product award.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is what people who tried Stérimar say:

“I would highly recommend this to any allergy sufferers out there. I suffer from allergies during spring and summer – they’re mild enough for me to avoid medication but severe enough to annoy me… Hence, this offers a solution that alleviates my problem without breaking the bank or using actual medication. I use it mainly before and after sleeping, to help me breathe and sleep better.”
Ms. A Reeves, London

“I have many allergies and tend to have a permanent blocked nose. This spray is ideal as it’s natural and has no unpleasant side effects” Mrs G Preston, Dorset

“This item is very good, I use it every day and it does make a difference. Would recommend for anyone who as a nasal problem.” Maureen, Manchester

“I am a sufferer of hayfever and use nasal spray anyway. However I would recommend this product. Also It does not have to be thrown out if opened and used within 6 to 8 weeks or anything, it can be used until time of expiry date on product. Would recommend.” Izzy, Cornwall

“I suffer with hay fever and sinus problems and have tried lots of different sprays but this is by far the best one for me.”
Maralyn Smith, London

How to use Stérimar For the best results

For seasonal allergies, start using Stérimar Nasal Hygiene (Allergies & Sinusitis), daily ideally 2-3 weeks prior to symptoms presenting to ensure the nose is in top working condition.
Rise in Home Fever, Allergy UK Report
To use, simply insert the specially designed nozzle into each nostril. Spray briefly and then gently blow your nose. Use 2 to 6 times a day or more if required. For the best results, use Stérimar first thing in the morning to ensure your nose is in top working condition for the day ahead and again in the evening to clean the nose and reduce the chances of allergic reaction. Always wash the nozzle with soapy water after each use.

Available from Boots, and most pharmacies across the UK in 100ml (RRP £7.49) and a handy 50ml size (RRP £4.07) available from pharmacies.
For more information, please visit

* Allergy UK, Indoor Allergy Week 2011 – The rise of ‘home fever’, Allergy UK report, November 14 2011

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